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Join us in this movement as we explore faith and help others see that God is with them.

There is a 3 part training process covering, vision, values and methodology. The best way to understand and deliver the Being With Course is to access the training online, through this website, with the Being With team. The course requires two hosts per 6-10 participants, if you are seeking training for yourself and would like to run a course, it would be good to be mindful of others that can help you in this endeavour, who is going to be your co-host.

Being With aims for each person, including the hosts, being taken to a destination that is not fully planned: a deeper engagement with the person of Christ, the body of Christ discovered in unique community of each group.

Your openness to lead others in this experience is amazing, for us it has been life changing, and can be for you also.

Being With - the background.

Resourcing & Training Options

By clicking the sign up below you will have free access the hosts dashboard, a bespoke area that you can see additional resources, tips and tricks and be able to register for host courses including videos to help you run a course in your context.

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This course utterly changed my whole life...

As a result of the course I now have 4 of the group asking to be confirmed. Wonderful!