Have you ever wondered…

If all the meaning, beauty and goodness you have found in life so far could help you discover something that holds it all together?

If there is a God, wouldn’t God be best discovered with others?

As a result of the course I now have 4 of the group asking to be confirmed. Wonderful!

This course utterly changed my whole life...

I liked the idea that it was about exploring your faith with no assumptions. Because of what I’d read and seen, I thought that that would be really open. Probably would be really interesting, which it has been.

I felt hooked right away because I just felt like it was such a personal connection to my own experience.

I’m surprised at how comfortable I became talking to people I didn’t know…there was something about the way the questions were formed and the way people opened up that you just felt like you could be real.

I’m more hopeful about faith, because i have done this course.

It was an experience in the intimate nutrition of meaning